Experts warn of delay in implementing Bankruptcy Law Reform

The uncertainty in the implementation of the Reform of the Consolidated Text of the Bankruptcy Law has been tonic in the different presentations of the Rafael Altamira summer course “Second chance after the reform of the combined text of the new bankruptcy law and the Bankruptcy Law”, organized by the University of Alicante and the Alicante Bar Association (ICALI).

Experts warn of the delay in the development of the Regulation and the implementation of the Reform, which is scheduled to go into effect next January. It should be noted that the Senate passed four amendments to the text and sent it back to Congress for final approval of the new Bankruptcy Law Reform, which incorporates many of the new features discussed throughout the course.

The opening of these trainings, which started with where all tickets are sold at ICALI, was led by UA Deputy Secretary General Josep Ochoa Monzó together with Jaume Ferrer Lloret, Dean of the UA Faculty of Law; and the course directors, Professor Nuria Fernández Pérez, and Miguel Ángel Martínez Martínez, vice-president of the ICALI Board of Directors.

During these two days there were outstanding speakers on the course, including Antonio García del Moral, magistrate of the Supreme Court; Juana Pulgar Ezquerra, director of the Department of Commercial Law and professor at the Complutense University of Madrid; and Esperanza Gallego Sánchez, professor and director of the UA Department of Commercial Law.

In different sessions, the new figure of the Restructuring expert, new measures to facilitate bankruptcy proceedings, innovations of the second chance regime or restructuring plans and budgets were discussed.

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