Mash: The staff of the beach aquarium complained of the terrible conditions for the animals

Employees of the coastal aquarium complain about the terrible conditions of the animals. They told the journalists of the Telegram channel amur porridgethat marine life is scarred and constantly sick.

14 employees, led by the head of the Dolphinarium, Igor Kostychev, decided to reveal the truth about the oceanarium. After a while, nine of them took their words back.

As the Telegram channel writes, they are banned from meeting with members of the press, their leave is taken and they are threatened with dismissal.

Workers have released information that white whales have been tearing and eating the waterproofing for four years. Many are vomiting, Vasya the dolphin has staphylococcus aureus, and Misha the walrus suffers from diarrhea.

The main management of the aquarium claims that the animals are generally fine.

Management also put forward a version that subordinates tried to divert attention from the internal investigation in this way – some are suspected of stealing budget money.

Currently the dolphinarium is closed, but the aquarium is still working. He planned to visit the residents of Rospotrebnadzor.

Source: Gazeta


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