Far-right Bolsonaro calls himself ‘people’s captain’ in re-election race

“The people’s captain will win again/ he is from Allah and can be trusted / because he protects the family”. song spreads all over Brazil to promote his candidacy Jair Bolsonaro. Music cannot change reality and surveys for now they are playing the president defeat The latest poll by the FSB institute in the October 2 elections, Luiz Inacio ‘Lula’ da Silva’s Labor Party (PT)He was three points ahead of the far-right, who is running for re-election. Exmandatario intends to vote 41% against 31% of his opponent in the first round this week. Datafolha’s metric is far more favorable for the left-wing candidate: 47% versus 28%, which will place him one step ahead of a first-round win. This possibility really drives the “people’s captain” crazy.

Although he has been campaigning since the beginning of the year, Bolsonaro He formally submitted his candidacy in front of nearly 10,000 people in Rio de Janeiro last Sunday. was next to him applicant with vice president and former Minister of Defense, Walter Braga Netto. As the weeks go by, Bolsonarism will try to put on more convincing displays of strength in the streets. These days, Bolsonaro oscillates between a hard effort to make himself minimally indulgent and a tantrum that includes both. suspicion on transparency between elections As a solution to this ultimate problem: coup.

There are facts beyond Bravado: Brazil is just as poor as it was in the 1990s. The epidemic left social scars and 677,000 dead. During these last two years they have presented themselves in Congress. 140 petitions of accusation this has not developed. Speaker of the House of Representatives Arthur Lira and Attorney General Augusto Aras blocked any attempt at an investigation. complaints giving it weight Bolsonaro clan.

growing negatives

However, this political and judicial immunity has no equivalent at the ballot box. The majority of voters who awarded Bolsonaro the presidency in 2018 turn their backs on him. case pentecostal churches is currently self explanatory. Four years ago, Bolsonaro washed up in the sea. The waters of the Jordan River to endear themselves to these parishioners. 70% of Brazilians who consider themselves evangelical chose him later. The President was kind to the churches that had strategic positions in the Government and the State. This time the situation looks different. The Datafolha company noted that only 36% of evangelicals will repeat the 2018 vote.

In the past two weeks, marked by dramatic cases of political violence, Bolsonaro has opened his hand to publicize the economic benefits to those most punished, while also clenching his fist in front of the diplomatic community to reiterate based on ‘fake news’. ”, He said the electoral system was not transparent.

Then he attacked the authorities again. Supreme Court. “These few deaf men in black must understand what the voice of the people is. They must understand that it is the Executive and Legislative powers who make the laws,” he cried. The response from the civil society was quick. Different statements came from academic and business circles to defend the elections. We will not tolerate electoral violence, which is a sub-type of political violence,” he said. Chief Justice Edson FachinAfter acquiring members of the Brazilian Bar Association.

increased intolerance

Bolsonaro’s words tend to run deep among the most radicalized sectors of his power. social basis. “Probably the insane and the naive take it literally. However, whoever looks a little beyond the surface will already understand how desperation there is in these statements.”How long will the country endure such arrogance?? How many crimes can be charged against a president who cunningly plotted a coup to keep himself in power? asked the weekly “Istoé”. “You cannot be tolerant of the senseless coup d’etat that is going on. Congress and the Supreme Court have a civic duty to do something.”

In this context, United States Secretary of DefenseLloyd Austin sent a clear message to Bolsonaro in Brasilia, who was trying to hide behind the military to challenge the results of October. Joe Biden’s envoy has landed in Brazil to attend a meeting of defense ministers from the entire region. A few hours after making sure that “the military was on our side” regarding the presidential nomination, Austin explained what Washington’s view was. “Reliable deterrence is prepared, capable and under strict civilian control“.

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