Archaeologists found 9 authentic medieval artifacts in Veliky Novgorod

During this year’s field season, Russian archaeologists found 9 new medieval birch bark documents during excavations in Veliky Novgorod. Interfax writes about it, with reference to the press service of the Novgorod State Museum-Reserve (GMZ).

Scientists have dated the find to the 15th century. The statute is now being restored. The scientist said the letter likely referred to trout. There are also two names mentioned there – Stepanida and the watchman Semyon.

As reported, the world’s first birch bark was found on July 26, 1951 at the Nerevsky excavation site in the historical center of Veliky Novgorod by a resident of the city, Nina Akulova. After that, 11-15. More than 1,143 messages dating back centuries have been discovered. According to preliminary estimates, 20,000 birch bark letters are still stored there.

About when the first schools were opened in ancient Russia, what kind of institutions there were, what books helped teaching, how and what children were taught there, “” Candidates of historical sciences, experts from Synergy University Fedor Dolgikh and Larisa Krushanova spoke.

Source: Gazeta


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