Pension bill in Alicante has already exceeded 300 million per month

he is the one pillars of the welfare state, but it takes more each time means. The increase in the number of beneficiaries due to the aging population and the strong revaluation they experienced earlier this year to compensate for inflation, monthly payroll Social Security pays to all retirees The state exceeds 300 million euros per month since last January. An unknown amount.

In the special case of the last month entered, Junepayment arrived 310.8 million Euros to be added oranother 303 million for extraordinary payment paid in the summer. The figure represents a 6.7% increase over the payment Social Security had to make last year, giving an idea of ​​the effort put into public coffers.

Much of this increase corresponds to the rise experienced by banks. half boardnow what 5.6% higher than a year ago, mainly due to the reassessment of benefits. Evolution of CPI. Therefore, it should be noted that the new accounting system forces the Government to pay an additional 1.6% compensation to pensioners. deviation from inflation It ended last year with an average of 2.5% compared to the 0.9% the Manager had envisioned at the beginning of the year, and increased its amount by 2.5% for the new year. However, part of the increase is due to higher contributions accumulated by new retirees.

In total, last month the average pension reached 944 €, compared to 894 a year ago. More than a substantial increase, but does not serve to close. difference between state aid recipients and the national averagealready reaching 1,090 euros, that is, 146 euros more. In fact, the province is the eleventh with the lowest pensions. Its situation is not improving either, compared to the regional average of 1,004 euros, which is 60 more than Alicante.

By pension type, benefits are the most numerous and also the most generous. pensionIt was received by an average of 212,053 people from Alicante. 1.070 €. On its behalf, the state, 80,626 widowersaverage winner 678 € This is well below the monthly minimum wage, which has reached 1,000 euros this year.

The low amount of such assistance, on average, is one of the reasons. Alicante retirees earn 31% less than mensomething exacerbated by lower share price races that tend to accumulate.

On the other hand, pensions permanent disability add an average of 23,310 more €935 monthly; of these orphanhood 12,448 with an average monthly payment 386.8 €; and benefits in favor of relatives Add 1,220 more, 616 average euro.

Pensioners on the Benidorm promenade. David’s Revenge


This increase in payments has resulted in a more than notable imbalance in Social Security accounts in the province of Alicante as well, despite the increase in contributions, which currently leads to job creation. Thus, until May, according to the latest published balance sheet, Social Security paid 1.707 million in Alicante Euro for all benefits for which he is responsible – including, for example, maternity benefits in addition to his pensions its revenue barely added 944 million. Excluding direct transfers from the government, a roughly maintained rate at the national level where expenses are 62,330 million and income is 39,615.

Despite this imbalance, unions insist that the public pension system is sustainable and point to two ways to close the gap. On the one hand, as the Employment Secretary of CC OO at l’Alacantí i les Marines points out, José Maria Ruiz Olmos“one of both improves employment quality and if they encourage sectors that create more qualified employment, they will increase their contributions”. According to him, it is also a strategy to follow in order to reduce the gap between Alicante and the rest of the country. But, in addition to this, he remembers. There are other countries where part of pensions are paid directly in pension. Injections from General Government Budgets.

In the same sense, the general secretary of l’Alacanti and the UGT in the Navy, yassel sanchezRemember stability It has recently provided pensions to many families. crisisMany households were able to earn their living thanks to the help of their elders. In other words, good pensions too a weapon to fight inequality and poverty, according to the union leader.

Freelancers get paid almost 300 euros less

Average pension after retirement for self-employed in Alicante almost 300 euros less That’s what salaried workers get, according to the latest data released by Social Security. Specifically, the 63,551 retirees who contributed to the Special Regime earned on average these professionals €724 Compared to the overall Program’s 1,020 employees.

The reason for this difference is that the vast majority of self-employed quote for minimum floor for all or most of their careers, regardless of their actual earnings, which results in them receiving a minimum pension. To avoid this problem, the Government approved this Thursday. new citation systemwhat are you waiting for bring the monthly fee What do these professionals pay? to your real income. Up to 15 different divisions will be set up for this, meaning a decrease for those with the lowest income and an increase for those with more income. According to UPTA calculations, up to 65% of the self-employed will pay less, 7% will stay the same, and the remaining 28% will see their quota increase.

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