Prosecution seeks 18 years in prison for a man who abuses minors

this Barcelona Public Prosecutor’s Office wants 18 years in prison for a man Vilanova i la Geltrú (Garraf)Domingo CT allegedly between September and December 2017invited two children under guardianship to his home in a center for sexual abuse in exchange for money, food, alcohol and shelter. However, in the first session of the case, one of the alleged victims retracted the allegations during the investigation and claimed that he made the whole thing “out of anger” when the defendant stopped helping him financially.

The hearing, which began this Tuesday in the third part of the Barcelona Court, was adjourned to September 23 due to the lack of a second victim claim, which the court deemed “necessary”. The prosecutor was nervous, announcing that he had agreed to go with the defendant only to take advantage of him and ask for money, but not in exchange for sex. She had previously engaged in prostitution. “I was so hungry and he gave me money. I saw the opportunity to get money from him. I regret it,” she stressed.

However, a friend of his, unlike his partner, confirmed the accusatory story and explained that in his case, Domingo CT had never entered his apartment, but that his friends had accepted money to have sex with those who had committed him. He also offered them drugs and alcohol. This version overlaps with the version offered by a social educator. from the children’s center where girls reside and some of them are teachers.

The witness told that the young woman under her supervision confessed to him that she had sexual intercourse with the defendant in exchange for money because she was only 15 years old, and that she had brought her other friends home so that they could go too. receive financial fees. change of sexual acts. According to her, this girl emphasized that the defendant wanted girls aged 9-10 to be brought to her home, which she always refused.

“Social Disconnection”

In its provisional indictment, the prosecution demands a total of 18 years in prison for the accused, who has been released, by attributing two sexual abuse crimes, one of which is aggravated by exploiting minors. also 8 years of probation and a ban on approaching victims and their homes. The accused believes young women are taking advantage of their “social uprooting”. A 15-year-old at the time went to the suspect’s home three times.

“You need money, I need to have a good time”The defendant said that on one of these visits, he gave her a pack of tobacco and 100 euros after having sex. The first day he met her, she only gave him 30 euros, but in the end they did nothing. The third time she slept with him, the man asked her to give him a blowjob, and she slept in his house. The next day, she offered him 70 euros.

The prosecution details that the second victim, who was 16 at the time, was 38% disabled and went to the accused’s house several times. He met her in the summer and went with his partner, the accused invited them for a drink at his house. The next day, always according to the accusation, the accused phoned him and had sex, then gave him 70 euros. These situations were repeated, and even the victim joined the triads.

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