Government approves immigration reform that will add thousands of immigrants to the labor market

this State confirmed this Tuesday minister council reform immigration regulationsHe makes labor market access conditions more flexible for thousands of migrants. The ministerial meeting also gave the green light to the new contribution system. self-employmentMinister for Inclusion and Social Security, agreed with employers and trade unions and will come into force in 2023, Jose Luis Escriva’s photo., manages to implement two of the most important regulations that it has been working on in recent months. The first will require no further procedures and will take effect when established by the Official State Gazette (BOE). And the latter still must be approved by Congress, for which the minister must gather a parliamentary majority to support it.

Regulatory reform conceived by Escrivá expands the opportunities for people of foreign origin to access a job in spain. According to the latest Social Security data for June, a total of 2.3 million active workers were born outside of Spain. One of the innovations that the new text brings is the possibility of any person creating a text. Course of Study automatically gets a work permit. Well, You will be able to combine your education with an employment contract. and you can keep it throughout your education. According to data Escrivá presented at the press conference after the Council of Ministers, until now student visas did not grant work permits, and about 50,000 immigrants are currently studying on Spanish soil.

In line with this, the regulation reform, rooting by formation. In other words, anyone without a residence permit who has been registered in Spain for two years will have access to education and this will give them access to a work permit and thus to the job market. It also changes the figure. social roots. To achieve this, the contract that the migrant must present to request permission will no longer be judged by its duration, but for “qualification” for the minimum interprofessional salary (SMI). Also, where the applicant accredits dependent minors, this period may be less than a minimum of 20 hours.

Another of the changes introduced by the norm is the preparation of a “catalogue of occupations with difficult coverage” for each province or regional border. This is based on data sent from: EPISODE and approved by employers and trade unions. And once an unemployed profession is identified, it will open up the possibility for companies to bring in people from outside.

BOE pending

“The goal is to modernize the entire migration model to promote orderly and safe migration. […] It’s not tax collection, but the Social Security income and expenditure balance is expected to stay the same,” Escrivá said at a press conference after the Cabinet. The centers fear that this is a flexibility that allows companies. Instead of improving working conditions to attract the unemployed who are currently on Spanish territory, outside of Spain call staff. United Kingdom with Spanish nurses. Since trade is not valued well there, they are brought from Spain to offer them better salaries and take advantage of the fact that they are well educated. Well, we can do the same here, but with the waiters,” said the source.

What happens if the student’s employment contract is not renewed? Union sources consulted here indicate that the small pressure the BOE has amassed will be decisive. if the company decides Refresh the worker can continue to work and retain the work permit without having to continue working. Another element of the reform that should be specified is what kind of work will give the right to work permit. Sources consulted indicate that university degrees, master’s degrees, vocational or continuing education will comply with the new regulations and comparable courses in the public employment services (in the case of Catalonia, SOC).

80% of self-employed youth will pay less

The other major reform the Cabinet of Ministers should approve this Tuesday is the special regime for the self-employed (CHALLENGE). The final document was adopted after more than six months of negotiations with employers and unions and will overturn the contribution plan. from 2023. Until now, it was the self-employed who chose what wage they wanted to pay, and 85% of workers chose the minimum wage (294 euros). Beginning January of next year, you will have to pay on the net income you receive as a result of income earned less deductible expenses.

The reform creates 15 income tranches in 15 different installments, with a minimum of 230 euros and a maximum of 500 euros in 2023. The system is regressive insofar as it requires a greater contribution—as a percentage—from those who earn less than those who earn more. However, as long as everyone can pay the minimum wage, it’s less declining than it currently is.

According to Social Security calculations, about 1.5 million self-employed people will pay less, with about half a million paying a wage very similar to the current minimum wage, and the remaining million paying more. And savings will be intense for certain groups, especially in the case of self-employed youth. Almost 80% of those under 30 currently earn less than the minimum wage and will pay less than the quota with the new reform.

Self-employed will be able to adapt their quota to the development of their business by changing their quota up to six times a year. You can do it through the app. import@ssaccessible by mobile phone.

Source: Informacion


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