Slovakia describes the transfer of MiG-29 and air defense to Ukraine as sabotage 13:43

The former leadership of the Slovak Ministry of Defense committed treason by transferring MiG-29 fighter jets and air defense systems to Ukraine. This was stated by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Defense Igor Meliher at a press conference.

“As a result of some failures of the former government, we, as the Ministry of Defense, are making an application on suspicion of sabotage, that is, treason, abuse of power and violation of the duty to manage someone else’s property. said the official.

Meliher announced on June 11 that his country would transfer MiG-29 warplanes to Ukraine in 2023. recognized illegal.

Robert Kalinnik, current head of the Slovak Ministry of Defense in January statedThat Bratislava did not receive compensation for MiG-29 fighters transferred to Ukraine. He also expressed his doubt that Bratislava would receive this money in the future.

Previously, Russian troops in a week was shot four Ukrainian military aircraft.

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Source: Gazeta


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