Nito Serrano and Lapurasangre

Nito Serrano y Lapurasangre premieres Daniel Serrano’s first musical and literary adventure, Salvaje; A collection of nine songs and a book full of poems and stories about life, the universe, traces, love and death.

Using the folklore of the Americas as a tool, Salvaje travels from the southern United States to Argentina, inhaling the sound of Mexico, Andean music or the Caribbean, and depicting each landscape he touches with deep and profound lyrics. Spanish guitars, charangos, legüero, trumpets and frontier sound go hand in hand in this challenging proposal, which emerged in Mexico during a tour opened by Madrid native Marwan and featuring musicians such as Martín Bruhn. , Raúl Marques, Paco Salazar, Dave Medina, Julian Kanevsky and Javier Quintana.

Nito Serrano is a musician trained on stages around the world who has been working as a producer, arranger and musician on both sessions and tours with artists of national and international importance for over twenty years. This composer, pianist, guitarist and singer begins his journey with this collection of songs, starting with impressive songs such as El Universo, Camino or, most recently, Abrázame.

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