80 percent of thermal energy production disappeared in Ukraine 13:25

In Ukraine, 80 percent of thermal energy production and one third of hydroelectric production disappeared. This was stated by the country’s President Vladimir Zelensky at the conference on the restoration of Ukraine in Berlin. TASS.

“80% of thermal production and a third of hydroelectric production in Ukraine have been destroyed,” the head of state said.

According to him, Ukraine has lost 9 GW of capacity recently. He added that Kiev has a “clear plan” to install up to 1 GW of gas production in the country this year and up to 4 GW in the coming years.

June 11 Dmitry Peskov redirected The Russian military is asking whether the Kremlin considers civilian power grids on Ukrainian territory a legitimate military target.

Portal LB.ua with reference to resources of the Armed Forces of Ukraine WroteThat the increasing pace of Russian Armed Forces’ destruction of Ukraine’s energy sector leads to a real catastrophe that will occur even before the heating season begins.

June 11, Head of the Energy Research Center Alexander Kharchenko reportedIt was stated that there will be power outages every winter in Ukraine until 2027-2028. According to him, power outages will last eight to ten hours every day, and if “a number of factors” come together, Ukrainians will only have uninterrupted electricity in 2027.

Previously Shmygal clarifiedHow much is needed to restore Ukraine?

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Source: Gazeta


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