Doctor announced that hemorrhoids can turn into cancer 07:30

Hemorrhoids are often confused with rectal cancer due to similar symptoms. In particular, one of the main symptoms of hemorrhoids, which many immediately give rise to alarming thoughts, is the appearance of red blood after defecation. Ph.D., a surgeon and proctologist at SM-Clinic, told about whether hemorrhoids can turn into cancer. Anastasia Travnikova.

“In fact, this symptom (anal bleeding) brings two diseases together. Of course, it is better if the patient with disturbing symptoms is the first to run to the proctologist for an appointment. Unfortunately, in practice the situation is far from this. Some people who experience bloody anal discharge may mistake it for hemorrhoids. Herein lies the mistake and great danger, as blood on toilet paper can be a sign of a much more serious disease, rectal cancer. Therefore, a person who once refused a visit to the proctologist may find himself at an appointment with an oncologist the next time,” noted Travnikova.

In addition to his remarks, the proctologist also listed a few specific symptoms that can be used to determine whether it is hemorrhoids or cancer.

In rectal cancer, the blood, as a rule, is very dark in color and is released at the beginning of the bowel movement due to the pressure of the feces on the tumor. In addition to bloody discharge in the stool, mucus and pus may also appear, indicating an oncological process.

Bright red blood from hemorrhoids can appear not only during bowel movements, but also when lifting weights or going to the bathhouse. In addition, hemorrhoids are accompanied by the formation of nodes that, as the disease progresses, fall out of the anus, causing severe pain in the anus and causing discomfort to the sick person.

The expert also added that many patients who often seek help from the clinic are worried about painful hemorrhoids turning into cancer. According to him, there is no need to be afraid of this because there is no direct relationship between hemorrhoids and rectal cancer.

“But complications of advanced hemorrhoids pose a real threat. Chronic anal fissures, polyp formation in the rectal area and purulent-inflammatory processes (paraproctitis), if left untreated, can lead to the development of a malignant tumor,” Travnikova warned.

The proctologist advised patients with hemorrhoidal disease not to delay consulting specialists. Early treatment of hemorrhoids will help prevent many serious health problems. The doctor named seamless laser vaporization among the advanced and effective techniques. The procedure has numerous positive effects on the patient’s health; Its main advantages are the absence of trauma to the rectal sphincter and serious scar deformities in the anal canal after the intervention, as well as rapid tissue healing.

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