The doctor explained how fecal transplantation can help in the fight against obesity. Doctor Kiryukhin: Fecal transplantation helps in the fight against obesity 12:43

Andrei Kiryukhin, an endoscopist at the department of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy at Sechenov University, told that transplantation of fecal microbiota helps in the fight against overweight, obesity and metabolic syndrome.

Kiryukhin noted that various microbes produce compounds that affect the metabolism of bile acids and the immune system.

“Stool transplant helps fight excess weight and metabolic syndrome. So, in one of the experiments, it was shown that when the intestinal microbiota of a “thinner” mouse was transplanted from an overweight mouse, the latter gained weight after a while with the same diet and physical activity. Moreover, it was extremely difficult to lose the weight,” Kiryukhin said.

The expert stated that it is also known that microbiota can affect human eating habits.

For example, if you want something sweet after a meal, this may indicate that there are many fungi in the gut microbiota; Sugar is also a nutrient medium and these fungi affect a person’s eating behavior. With the help of fecal transplantation, such disorders in the composition of the microbiota can be regulated in order to correct human eating behavior and combat overweight or underweight.

“In the future, fecal transplantation may become a good alternative treatment for many diseases. “But first we need to collect sufficient evidence,” said Kiryukhin, emphasizing that the procedure is now only performed for the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

Learn more about what other diseases can be treated with fecal transplantation, whether it can lead to the death of the patient and where it is done in Russia – material “”.

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Source: Gazeta


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