Russians answered whether they can lose weight by summer 09:43

The survey showed that almost half of Russians (43%) do not have time to prepare for the beach season and lose weight in the summer 3.9 thousand people attended.

According to this part of the participants, they try to lose weight by dieting and exercising in the gym, but they give up these attempts. At the same time, 21% of respondents admitted that they managed to lose some weight by summer and do not plan to stay with it.

“I’ve already lost weight, but I’d better lose some more,” the participant said.

Only 11% said they had successfully achieved their ideal summer shape and were now ready to wear tight clothes, swimsuits and bathing suits. 23% of Russians surveyed also reported that they did not even think about losing weight because they were satisfied with their bodies. Some said they exercised regularly in the winter. The remaining 2% of the participants chose the “other” option and admitted that they needed to gain weight in the summer months, on the contrary, because they felt very thin.

British Registered Dietician Adam Enaz previously saidHe says that consuming yogurt, oatmeal, eggs and vegetables as snacks helps you maintain your daily calorie deficit without being noticed. According to him, this “trick” allows you to lose weight without adhering to certain diets.

Nutritionists before choosed Effective ways to lose weight in a week.

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Source: Gazeta


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