Local Police detect a dozen illegal drone flights during Hogueras festivities

this Alicante Local Police During recent Hogueras festivities, he spotted a dozen illegal drone flights whose owners are facing sanctions. 200.000 €. One of those involved is accumulating eleven violations of current aviation regulations and was discovered while making an unauthorized flight during the launch of fireworks. Local Police are reminding that these illegal drone flights can endanger people.

According to the Department of Security, Alicante has implemented an air surveillance system to protect citizens that can detect illegal drone flights flying over its airspace.

Alicante Local Police manage this system with daily real-time control operation of the city. agents Air Media Unit in collaboration with the Local Police Rapid Response Operational Group (GOIR)It developed a special device to detect illegal drone flights during the dropping of San Juan Bonfires and fireworks from June 25-29, when they identified a dozen criminals.

Member of the Security Council, Jose Ramon GonzalezHe valued the exceptional work carried out by these specialized units of the Local Police, emphasizing that this is “strengthening surveillance on beaches and parties to offer greater safety to the citizens and people visiting us in our city.”

The mayor also made a call to “comply with the charter”. aviation regulations avoid using where it is not authorized for the well-being and safety of all”

Agents used in the control operation “AeroScope” is a new computer tracking and monitoring system that provides surveillance and control of drone flights. With this system, the serial number, model, system identification, flight duration and maximum recorded altitude of illegal flights are recorded.

The violators discovered in Hogueras were making illegal flights, some of which exceeded 400 meters. postiguet beach. According to the Local Police, they did not comply with many of the European and Spanish aviation regulations and were recommended for enforcement and sent a letter of complaint. state air security agency.

One of the cases discovered occurred in the early hours of 28 June, during the launch of the fireworks display in the Postiguet area. Aircraft Unit agents detected an illegal flight and the criminal was located in one of the streets of the urban core of the city. GOIR agents demanded of the pilot: instant take off and landing of the drone and requested documents related to the activity carried out.

In identifying the pilot, they confirmed that he was a person who had accumulated a total of 11 violations of current aviation regulations, including those of a very serious and serious nature, who submitted a complaint report to the State Aviation Safety Agency. The guilty pilot may face various economic violations that can exceed 200,000 euros.

Local Police with a surveillance drone.

Police explain that among the most serious violations is making the drone flight less than eight kilometers from the airport without coordination with the airport. Alicante-Elche Miguel Hernandez airportExceeding the legal height limit of 120 meters above ground level, not having a pilot’s license, not having legal liability insurance, flying out of the pilot’s sight distance, and above all, not respecting the safety distance with the people flying. watching the pyrotechnic show.

In addition to the violations mentioned above, the Police will file a complaint for the violation. Organic Data Protection Law, All this was to protect the privacy and safety of citizens, as the pilot videotaped the flight a short distance from the windows of private homes and a hotel located within the drone flight’s route. green is affected.

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