A Polish judge who fled to Belarus published Tusk’s photo instead of a secret document 00:35

Former Polish judge Tomasz Schmidt, who sought asylum in Belarus, published the following: telegram channel Photo of a man who resembles Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

“This is my only “secret” document that I took out of Warsaw. But seriously, I haven’t violated any Polish laws. “Official Warsaw is organizing a witch hunt with its actions,” he wrote.

Schmidt included two images, the front and the back of the photo. The photo shows a man in a Soviet military uniform with a pistol, and on the other side there is the inscription “Agent Gherkin” in Polish and the date April 22, 1957, which coincides with Tusk’s date of birth.

May 10 Schmidt announced Publication of a secret document he brought from Warsaw.

At the beginning of May it became known that the Warsaw judge was on vacation. escaped He went to Belarus and asked for political asylum and accused the Polish authorities of persecution and threats. Schmidt argued that the republic’s authorities were “plunging the country into war.” From now on, judge in Poland lay offdeprived of professional immunity, filed a criminal case for espionage and requested arrest.

Previously in Poland spoke about the forced repatriation of Ukrainians of military age.

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Source: Gazeta


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