Algeria celebrates 60 years of independence with one of the largest military parades in its history.

Algeria this Tuesday celebrates 60 years of independence France with someone largest military parade in history. a commemoration references and tributes to the “martyrs” from the war of independence. It was a celebration in style, at a time of regional tension with Morocco, with which he cut ties last summer. Spain, where it has recently suspended the friendship treaty.

“I reiterate that, whatever our level of responsibility, we are all called upon to contribute to the consolidation of the foundations of the State in the face of this difficult situation,” said Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune. “The country has reached a stage where borders are drawn. An Algerian with a confident future“and praised the role of the military.

Early in the morning, Tebboune laid a wreath at the Tomb of the Algerian Martyrs and held a minute’s silence. He then reviewed the army with the Chief of Staff, hearing what he heard in the background. sixty cannon fire salvo. The epicenter of the parade was the capital’s waterfront near the great Algiers Mosque, the tallest in the world.

They wandered through the great streets filled with flags and portraits of martyrs. tanks, armors, artillery and many troops They are the ones who make up the Algerian army, which, according to experts, is one of the most important on the continent. Many citizens have also experienced military deployment firsthand.

this warplanes They flew over this scenario by painting the sky green, red and white, the color of the national flag. It has been 33 years since Algeria held a military parade with these characteristics. An abandoned tradition shortly before the civil war of the nineties. A shocking moment known as the “black decade”, also marked by terrorist attacks.

A dozen representatives from various countries of the Algerian orbit traveled to Algeria. To the right of the country’s president sat his Tunisian counterpart, Kais Sa├»ed. Also in the box were the presidents of Palestine, Ethiopia, Congo and Nigeria. According to the state news agency, the leader of the Polisario Front and the head of the Italian Senate, among other personalities.

Diplomatic crisis with Spain

As confirmed by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Spanish ambassador in Algeria attended these commemorations along with other representatives of the diplomatic units present in the country. Currently, the two countries are going through a process. diplomatic crisis. Spanish support for the Moroccan autonomy plan for Western Sahara provoked the anger of Algeria, who described this position change as “unfair”. The Algerian authorities have decided to withdraw their ambassador from Madrid and suspend the friendship treaty with Spain signed twenty years ago. Currently, relations between the two countries are frozen.

Algeria and Morocco have also been in the lead role for decades. historic rivalry for hegemony in the region, especially aggravated by Western Sahara. The Algerian government cut diplomatic relations with its neighbor last summer and accused Rabat of “hostile acts”. Algeria is the main ally of the Polisario Front and has always advocated a self-determination referendum for the former Spanish colony.

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