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There are many drugs on the market with the same composition, sold in different forms. Alexey Prostomolotov, head of production of hard and soft gelatin capsules SAMARS, told about the difference between these drugs.

According to the expert, tablets and capsules are similar in one aspect; this is the dosage form of the drug. But already at this stage there are the first differences: the tablet form contains a higher dose than capsules due to longer absorption.

“Capsules dissolve faster in the body than tablets, which means that the beneficial effect of the drug will appear faster. Capsules will be more effective in case of acute pain that needs to be relieved here and now. But some drugs require gradual absorption, for example, this applies to antidepressants. And here tablets already seem more preferable,” commented Prostomolotov

The capsules themselves are also different.

“There are mostly soft gelatin capsules filled with suspensions or medicinal solutions. Among such products, bioactive additives are often found due to their convenient form: they can be taken with you on the road, are more convenient to store, and also have a lower dosage with high efficiency. “However, this does not mean that any medicine in a soft gelatin capsule is a nutritional supplement,” he said.

Hard capsules are usually filled with powdered medication. This option is suitable for drugs that irritate the stomach or are unstable in gastric juice. The capsule can pass through the stomach without damage and thus retain its medicinal properties. Most drugs in tablet form are destroyed in the highly acidic environment of the stomach.

“The capsules do a good job of reducing the active substance, as it is not “lost” during the digestion process. Thus, the drug has a more targeted effect, fulfilling its medicinal function without overloading the body,” Prostomolotov explained.

According to the expert, another feature that should be taken into consideration is the material of the capsule. The most common raw material for their production is gelatin of animal origin. Such materials may not be suitable for people with allergies or religious or other beliefs (e.g. vegans).

“Capsule raw materials that do not contain materials of animal origin are rare in Russia – this is a feature of capsules produced abroad. The only manufacturer producing such capsules in our country uses hypromethylpropyl cellulose, but there are also options that use, for example, compositions of starch and water heated to a homogeneous mass,” explained the expert.

Often the form of the drug depends on its effect on the body. The doctor choosing which drug to take depends on how the drug will be absorbed in the body. For example, when it comes to painkillers, the choice of dosage form can be important.

“In the case of some drugs, the effective effect is practically independent of their form. For example, some general-spectrum antibiotics. If the doctor does not specify the dosage form in the prescription, it is better to clarify which one is preferable to use,” concluded the expert.

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