An ancient shield decoration with the face of Alexander the Great was discovered in Denmark 00:15

Danish archaeologists from the Museum of Western Zealand (MVS) discovered a bronze decoration in the shape of the face of Alexander the Great during excavations on the island of Western Zealand. It is estimated that the work is approximately 1,800 years old. The research was published in the official gazette Web site scientific institution.

Scientists came across the portrait of the great commander while searching with a metal detector in a field near the city of Ringsted.

According to researchers, the bronze alloy item served as accessories for warriors. Archaeologists noted that such objects are an indicator of the status of their owners. Warriors wore decorations on their shields or wore them on their sword belts.

Another mystery is connected with Alexander the Great himself. Although he managed to conquer vast territories and reach India, neither Alexander himself nor his soldiers were ever in Western Zealand, and the discovered portrait was painted 500 years after the end of the reign of the outstanding ruler.

Scientists believe that the fashion for jewelry in the form of portraits of Alexander the Great was introduced by the Roman emperor Caracalla, who reigned from 198 to 217 AD. Caracalla was so obsessed with Alexander the Great and his campaigns that he considered himself his reincarnation. According to the images that have survived to this day, Alexander the Great is depicted on the emperor’s personal shield.

Earlier Japanese archaeologists to create Villa of Emperor Octavian Augustus, founder of the Roman Empire, in Italy.

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Source: Gazeta


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