Survivors break the rules and may lose touch with the audience

Against all odds and unexpectedly, Laura Matamoros became the last person expelled from school. survivors 2024 This past Sunday, however, there are several rumors suggesting that this might not be the end of his adventure in Honduras.

There are many theories, but the one that has gained the most strength in the networks is that Kiko Matamoros could continue the program by replacing his daughter. Carmen Borrego, The one who had to leave Survivor due to anxiety issues related to the recent death of his mother.

The important thing is Zayra Gutierrez He had to leave the competition due to sciatica but was replaced by: marietta. However, this was not the case in Terelu’s sister’s case.

Followers of the program claim that this will happen unsuitable Introduce a new participant at this point in the competition, given the advantage that he or she will not be deprived of food and rest like other contestants for the more than a month that the format has already lasted. They therefore suggest that Laura be a substitute and transfer her to Olimpo or Condena beach and continue participating.

Hints that Laura Matamoros will stay on Survivors

This proposal doesn’t seem far-fetched, especially after Monday’s episode of ‘Ultima Hora’ saw Laura not participating in the usual rituals of deportees, such as looking in the mirror, enjoying food or taking a shower. All those expelled (or forced out of the program) so far have completed these rituals before returning to Spain.

Moreover, Laura’s existence is no longer a secret. Although the production insists that information about the ‘stranded’ and ‘exiled’ participants (Kiko Jiménez and Laura Matamoros) be kept secret, some contestants appear to share more than they should. Laura confirmed the existence of these two secret participants, accusing Marieta of revealing the details to Miri.

Even host Sandra Barneda committed to it A lively slip while confusing Laura Madrueño with Laura Matamorosan error that could reveal undisclosed production plans.

Although Survivors has not yet confirmed or denied these speculations, the situation is expected to become clear this Tuesday. ‘No man’s land’. It remains to be confirmed whether Laura Matamoros will participate in the competition again, an unprecedented decision, as the (supposed) audience supremacy in the competition will be violated, or whether we see her already performing the rituals we mentioned before.

Intrigues that Laura Matamoros can nurture

Meanwhile, expectations are high among followers; many believe that Laura will remain in the competition. Moreover, its presence in a group where there are fewer survivors and competitors like this Gorka, angel jesusMiri, Marieta and Javier UngríaIt adds undeniable interest. Laura has already raised expectations for a possible relationship by saying Javier “could be my type.” And Laura isn’t shying away from any tricks, and it looks like Elena Tablada’s ex-husband has caught her eye.

The fact that Laura lives with Miri Pérez, a close friend of her sister Anita Matamoros, also promises interesting dynamics. Despite her friendship with Anita, the relationship between Laura and Miri does not seem to be good, which could lead to more conflicts and attract viewers’ attention. It should be noted that it was Laura herself who put Miri in the ropes and revealed that she was aware of her presence on the beach. Miri certainly didn’t seem too pleased with the conversation, where Anita Matamoros’ sister revealed that she had also rented a room at Makoke’s daughter’s house.

If Laura does eventually return to Spain, she will still have some unfinished business with the likes of Makoke and her own sister Anita, ensuring that she will continue to attract public attention both in and out of the competition. The last person to join the debate was her father, Kiko Matamoros, who questioned the Survivors organization for highlighting the issue of Makoke and his own daughter’s choice of hairdresser Tuco as her advocate on set.

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