UNESCO decides to protect the Ukrainian soup ‘borsch’ claimed by Russia

Unesco announced this Friday that records are an urgent matter. Intangible Cultural Heritage, Ukrainian borsch soup, a beet-based dish claimed to be his own Russia.

“Armed conflict has threatened its viability, the displacement of the population and those who know the recipe. People cannot even cook or grow the vegetables that go into the “borsch”.“They are also unable to get together and eat, which threatens the social well-being and culture of the community,” UNESCO said in a statement.

In the UN body note, Beware of quoting from Russia, Although it is common knowledge that this country also embraces the ‘borsch’ tradition. Ukraine had submitted an application to register this soup in 2021 before the Russian invasion last February.

However, UNESCO has stated that the preservation of ‘borsch’ Ukraine “does not imply exclusivity or ownership of said property” and explained that this dish is cooked and consumed in other parts of the Eastern European region (for example, this dish is also popular in Poland).

According to Ukraine’s candidacy file, there was already evidence. 1548 from a ‘borsch’ market near Kyiv and it was the Ukrainian immigrants who introduced it to the world.

From Russia, contrary to this recognition, It was claimed that neither Russia nor Ukraine existed when it was founded.but the Slavic kingdom of Kievan Rus.

Peasant origin ‘borsch’ reached the Russian imperial court and became one of the dishes.Favorites of Tsar Alexander II and Catherine II and He was intubated as part of the diet of the Russian crew members of the International Space Station.

Besides beets, this soup also includes cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, meat and “smetana” (sour cream).

Your registration at Representative list of the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, With more than 500 traditions already from five continents, it facilitates access to grants and provides greater international visibility.

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