british actress Lena Headey became accused Alleged non-payment of commissions by representative agency YMU What compensation requires 1.5 million dollarsThis Thursday special medium Variety developed.

According to the version of this agency, formerly known as Troika, the Game of Thrones star’s debt is due to the fact that the agents did not receive the 7% commission agreed with the translator on some of their projects. Specifically, they’re asking $650,000 for the never-released drama ‘Rita’ (2020), $300,000 for the movie ‘Nine Bullets’ (2022), and at least $500,000 for the new ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’ (2022) tape. ).

However, although several scenes were filmed, in the end Headey will not appear in final version From the Marvel movie starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman, which will be released next week. Likewise, Headey said she will be playing the lead character of ‘Rita’ but the terms of her contract have changed because no television or platform wanted to buy the series after filming the pilot episode.

Headey joined Troika in 2005 because his personal representative, Michael Duff, was one of the agency’s founders, and they worked together at Lou Carl Associates. In 2018, Troika’s shareholder changed hands, was christened YMU and Both Duff and Headey have decided to abandon him.. In this sense, the player also argued that he never signed a formal contract with Troika, but while sponsored by Lou Carl Associates, both parties acted according to a verbal agreement according to the conditions set.

YMU argues for its part that it should seek compensation for the alleged breach of contract by Headey, in addition to seeking payment of the derived costs and benefits of all legal process.