this breakup rumors One of the most beloved couples in the public domain has been completely acquitted. Aytana and Miguel Bernardeau still together. This is evidenced by some of the most endearing images of the couple in Ibiza published by Hola magazine.

For Bernardeau, Ibiza has always been like his second home.His parents, actress Ana Duato and television producer Miguel Ángel Bernardeau, had a house on the island and spent many family vacations there. When Aitana and Miguel Bernardeau met four years ago, the singer also became a regular in Ibiza.

On this occasion, they were both seen having fun on a day of surfing on the beach, with him acting as a spectator and rowing before both left hand in hand and in the most affectionate manner. Also, during his stay on the island, especially on June 27, Aita turns 23 and blew out the candles at a restaurant in Ibiza.