Some Russians refuse to log in to an online store due to complex password requirements 05:00

In some cases, users are even ready to refuse to log in to the website of an online store. The most popular reasons include lack of a proper authorization method (23%) and complex password requirements (13%). This is shown by a study conducted by experts in the field of digital communication edna, the results of which were reviewed by

At the same time, people often forget and reset complex passwords (40%). To save valuable letters and numbers, users write them down (33%), memorize them (20%) or use password managers (14%).

On December 1, 2023, a law came into force that prohibits allowing Russian websites through foreign services such as Google and Apple ID. Now users can log in using a mobile phone (from a Russian number), a government services portal, biometrics or Russian VK ID and Yandex ID. The changes affected e-commerce the most: Experts explained that large companies removed the ability to log in through foreign services and warned their customers about the need to choose a different login method.

“The law has come into force, there is no postponement, businesses must comply with the new provisions. Before the innovation, many users logged in using Google or Apple ID. And now the absence of these services narrows the window of opportunity, and Russian services are still gaining popularity. Login with a password is not always convenient, as you have to remember dozens of numbers for different services. This further complicates the situation and creates an additional hurdle in the customer journey. According to edna’s internal data, in recent months the demand for the introduction of alternative authorization methods instead of banned external services has increased by 2.5 times,” commented Alexander Dubrovin, edna’s business partner.

It is most convenient for users to log in via a code via SMS (27%), social networks (VK ID) (24%), email (23%), biometrics (20%), instant messengers (19%).

“After the legislative changes came into force, businesses began to implement additional login methods in order to operate within the legal framework without causing trouble to users. The best option is authorization by phone number. The user receives a one-time code or link in the message and can quickly log in to his personal account from any device. This is also suitable for business. Authorization by phone number protects against fraudulent activities and fraudulent registrations,” added Dubrovin.

You can use SMS, push notifications, instant messengers and email to send authorization. Customer chooses the most convenient and popular method. SMS is considered a reliable and secure channel that is almost impossible to intercept. To do this, the attacker must make a copy of the SIM card, a more technologically complex task that is rarely used in mass fraud. Authorization by phone number is a ready-made solution that can be implemented in just a few hours. Experts said this requires minimal resources: one developer and a testing team to check if everything works.

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