Scientists discover why workplace boredom is harmful and how you can beat it 02:28

A group of American scientists led by experts from the University of Notre Dame studied the impact of boredom on the performance of employees in various fields of employment. The study was published in the scientific journal broadcasting Journal of Applied Psychology (JAP).

Previous research has shown that the average worker spends more than 10 hours a week experiencing boredom. This affects people from all industries, including astronauts, firefighters and police officers.

Scientists have found that attempts to suppress or ignore boredom prolong its effects, leading to a decrease in overall work productivity and attention deficit. They tested these possibilities in three studies examining the effects of boredom on each task.

The first study was based on data from dual-career families working in different industries. Participants answered multiple surveys per day at varying intervals, allowing the team to examine the relationship between boredom, attention, and productivity over time.

Subsequent studies used alternative methods to reach a broader audience and focused on how meaningful work tasks help reduce the long-term effects of boredom.

According to experts, organizing work tasks throughout the day can solve the problem. Although boring tasks cannot be avoided, they need to be replaced with more interesting and important things. This will allow employees to compensate for lost energy.

Previous scientists proventhat the inclusion of game elements in monotonous work increases labor productivity.

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Source: Gazeta


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