Scientists find parasite medications threaten the lives of 1% of domestic cats 02:55

American veterinarians from the University of Washington found that 1% of all domestic cats are at risk of serious complications when exposed to eprinomectin, the active ingredient in popular parasite medications. The study was published in the scientific journal broadcasting Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics (JVPT).

According to scientists, the risk is associated with a genetic mutation called MDR1, which occurs in one in 100 animals. Therefore, pets do not have a protective mechanism to prevent eprinomectin from entering the brain. This can lead to neurological damage and even death.

Cats that react negatively to eprinomectin may experience many symptoms such as loss of coordination, increased salivation, tremors, partial paralysis, dilated pupils, coma, and seizures. Additionally, some pets were unable to fully retract their tongues for several days or weeks after taking eprinomectin.

Veterinarians stated that the only reliable way to know whether a cat has the MDR1 mutation is genetic testing.

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Source: Gazeta


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