Explosions are heard in many regions of Ukraine 01:46

Explosions occurred in Pavlograd, Kamensky, Dnepropetrovsk region and Cherkassy. This was reported by the Ukrainian publication “Strana”.

It is stated that the town of Kamenskoye was partially without electricity. It was also noted that air defense was operating in the Kiev region.

On the evening of March 28 in the Kyiv region dead a series of explosions.

Also in seven regions of Ukraine announced air raid alert.

On the night of March 29, Kazakhstan authorities Recommended citizens will leave Odessa and Kharkov for security reasons.

The Russian military began striking Ukrainian infrastructure in October 2022, shortly after the Crimean Bridge explosion. Since then, air raid warnings have been announced regularly in various regions of Ukraine, mostly throughout the country. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, attacks are carried out on targets in the energy sector, defense industry, military command and communications.

Previously in Britain statedThat Ukraine may lose its conflict with the Russian Federation by the summer.

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Source: Gazeta


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