Scientists found an effective way to get rid of insomnia 00:27

European and Australian scientists found that regular exercise helps cope with insomnia. This was reported by RidLife.

According to the publication, a joint study of scientists from Iceland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Australia showed that training two to three times a week helps cope with insomnia and also supports restorative sleep for an average of six to nine hours each night.

It was reported that the research included 4,399 Europeans. Scientists found that people who exercised at least twice a week were 42% less likely to have trouble falling asleep and 22% less likely to have insomnia compared to inactive participants. It also found that those who exercised regularly were 55% more likely to have sleep duration ranging from six to nine hours.

Russians before saidHow to deal with overwork and emotional burnout?

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Source: Gazeta


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