A media school for Russian high school students will be opened at Synergy University 19:37

Synergy University will launch an online course on working in the media for schoolchildren from all regions of the country. The project is carried out jointly with the support of the children and youth movement “Movement of Firsts” in Russia and the “New Media Workshop”. This has been reported telegram channel “First Movements”.

The organization noted that schoolchildren aged 14-18 were invited to participate in the program.

First Movement added that those who attend the media school will be able to become part of the media presence in their region, which will allow them to further develop their professional skills.

Online webinars will tell children about the work of a modern editorial office, teach them to write news, ask interview questions, edit videos and manage social networks.

To send applicationYou can participate in online webinars until April 1.

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Source: Gazeta


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