Scientists found that fatty foods are less harmful to the female body than to the male body 16:48

An international team of scientists led by experts from the Cedars-Sinai Research Institute (USA) has discovered that the female body consuming fatty and sweet foods provides better protection against brain damage and heart disease compared to men. Research results published In the journal Cell Reports (Cell Rep).

In an experiment on laboratory mice, researchers noticed that female rodents did not experience inflammation in their brains if they followed a high-fat, high-carbohydrate diet. In addition, large amounts of fatty and sweet foods do not have a devastating effect on their cardiovascular system.

Male mice on a similar diet showed significantly more frequent damage to the myocardium and brain. Researchers have also linked brain inflammation to overeating, high blood sugar levels, and changes in fat tissue composition that can lead to dangerous weight gain.

According to scientists, similar protective mechanisms exist in the human body. Most likely, a unique ability to resist the harmful effects of fatty foods is necessary for women to gain weight safely during pregnancy.

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