Scientists find homeless people have increased risk of developing dementia 13:54

Scientists from the University of West London found that dementia is not only more common among homeless people, but is also more likely to develop at a younger age among homeless people. Research results published In Lancet Public Health.

In the study, researchers compared the prevalence of dementia between people experiencing homelessness and low-income people living in disadvantaged areas of Ontario, Canada. It turned out that this disease is 1.9 times more common in people who have no shelter.

Homeless people were also prone to early-onset dementia. After adjusting for age, gender, place of residence and health status, it turned out that the probability of a dangerous decline in cognitive abilities in the 55-74 age group is 1.7 times and 1.9 times higher than in the rest of the population. more often than low-income residents.

Scientists have suggested that such consequences are associated with a high rate of head injuries, neurological diseases, HIV, drug and alcohol addiction and mental disorders in people without permanent residence.

Previously listed Risk factors for rapid brain aging.

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