Researchers overhear coral reefs “singing” at different times of the day 01:59

American scientists from the Energy Advanced Research Projects Agency and other government agencies have discovered that coral reefs emit different sounds that change as the moon rises and sets. The study was published in the scientific journal magazine PLOS One.

Previous research has shown that the health of a coral reef can be measured by the noise levels produced by fish and other organisms living on the seafloor.

As part of a new project, researchers studied the sound of reefs during moonrise and moonset. It is assumed that moonlight will affect the activities of coral organisms and, as a result, the environmental fluctuations they produce.

Researchers found differences in noise levels. As the moon rose, reflecting more light into the sea, high-frequency sound pulses increased, while low-frequency sound pulses decreased. After the installation of Earth’s satellite, the opposite happened.

Researchers say this knowledge is essential to protecting coral reefs in the face of rising temperatures and ocean acidification. Information about peak life periods on the reef will help save coral polyp colonies.

Previous scientists I learnedthat corals have the ability to recover quickly.

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Source: Gazeta


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