The government initiated the first call for naval PERTE armed with 30 million navy.

The government started first performance PERTE sea. 30 million euros were awarded for the call. According to the Ministry of Industry and Industry, the application deadline will end on September 5th.

Managed by the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI), this call to encourage R&D and development in the maritime sector, to increase the competitiveness of Spanish shipyards and to encourage public-private cooperation. This is its Mission ‘To promote application technologies that increase competitiveness in the maritime industry in the 21st century’.

This technological plan call for the navy PERTE industrial plan, It is scheduled for September and will have 200 million euros.

The development of Deniz PERTE, a A total investment of 1,460 million euros, with a public contribution of 310 million euros and private investment of 1,150 million euros.

The aims of this PERTE are: continue this sector’s contribution to industrial strategic autonomyto diversify activities for marine renewable energies, digitize the value chain, increase environmental sustainability and improve employee training and qualifications.

According to the Ministry of Industry, the impact of marine PERTE will involve the cooperation of different industrial sectors It will transform the industrial value chain of the maritime industry, diversifying its production towards renewable marine energies and low-emission ships.

For the government, the navy PERTE, modernization of a strategic sector in Spain, to increase its competitiveness by approximately 15% and to reach an annual growth rate of 9%.

It is expected to contribute to the creation of approximately 3,100 quality jobs, particularly in the surrounding areas, thus contributing to the demographic struggle policy.

In the view of Minister Reyes Maroto, “With Navy PERTE we are showing the Government’s commitment to promote the Spanish maritime industry, a strategic sector that will contribute to the industrial autonomy of Spain and Europe, and our aim with this PERTE is to increase its diversity and sustainable, technological and digital industrial capabilities. It is to contribute to the technological and digital development of the maritime sector, and to the creation of qualified and high-quality employment, as well as to gain significant economic and social returns, as well as to strengthen it.

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