They are prosecuting the harassment of a minor who committed suicide due to repression in Villarreal

A 62-year-old man faces 12 years in prison for alleged crime murder after allegedly harassing, harassing and threatening a minor to such an extent that he took his own life. These tragic events took place in Villarreal in 2016, as outlined in the letter from the Provincial Office of the Chief Prosecutor.

The 17-year-old received more than a hundred texts from the accused just seven hours apart in an attempt to scare him. Apparently, the adult and minor may have had some kind of sexual intercourse on the phone, so the researcher started writing to him and said: “I have the whole conversation on my cell phone and I will broadcast it with your number‘, ‘You’ll be overjoyed when it all comes to light’ or ‘I’ll teach you not to bother those who put their heart to it, not to waste their time’.

The boy apologized

The deceased minor apologized to the accused multiple times, but did not stop addressing statements such as: “I will sue you and you will have to come with your family.‘, ‘It’s going to be fuckin’ when it’s done, watch the consequences’ and ‘What would you do if I blackmailed you now?’.

In his criminal complaint, the prosecutor explains that the adult, who was aware of the suffering and uneasiness caused by the underage child, came to the point of wanting to take his own life and consciously accepted that he would commit suicide as the adolescent had declared. continued to text him. “You got yourself into this trouble and you’re gonna pay for it“If you commit suicide, you will leave the coffee to your parents and my lawyer will read your speech to me in front of them,” he said to the grown-up young man, and continued with statements such as “for putting you on a page.”

This situation is permanent harassment and emotional blackmail caused the minor to commit suicide by throwing himself into the space in the inner courtyard of his house on December 1, 2016.

Messages after his death

According to the prosecutor’s letter, even after the accused committed suicide, he continued to send messages similar to the previous ones and even photos in the City of Justice of Castellón that appeared to have denounced him. In addition to 12 years in prison, the Prosecutor’s Office offers to pay compensation of 73,000 euros each to the father and mother of the deceased minor and an additional 27,000 euros to his brother.

The hearing will be held within six days from the 15th day.

200,000 deaths per year due to bullying

According to a report by the World Health Organization in conjunction with the United Nations, school bullying claims about 200,000 suicides a year among youth ages 14 to 28. In addition, a study by the NGO Bullying Without Borders finds that up to 24 million children and young people a year are victims of harassment and ill-treatment due to bullying within the European Union.

Sexual blackmail over the Internet also leads to episodes of anxiety, harassment, and depression. The dissemination of images or speech of an intimate nature is a crime.

Source: Informacion


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