US shot down five Houthi drones in the Red Sea 09:36

US aircraft and a coalition warship shot down five Houthi drones belonging to Yemen’s Ansarullah rebel movement in the Red Sea. About this on social networks X US Central Command (CENTCOM) said.

Unmanned aerial vehicles launched from Yemen were shot down on February 27. CENTCOM said UAVs pose a direct threat to commercial ships sailing in the Red Sea.

Following the escalation of the conflict between the Palestinian Hamas movement and Israel, the Yemeni Houthi rebel movement Ansar Allah said it would launch attacks on Israeli territory and not allow ships affiliated with the country to pass through the Red Sea and Israeli waters. Bab al-Mandeb Strait until the military operation in the Gaza Strip is completed.

This week, it was also learned that the German frigate sent to the Red Sea within the scope of the EU’s maritime transport protection mission was launched for the first time. reflected Houthi attack.

Formerly Houthis announced It concerns the intention to attack merchant shipping in the Red Sea every 12 hours.

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Source: Gazeta


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