Vega Baja’s roots are on display at a new “Menjars de la Terra” event

“Menjars de la Terra”, which highlights the local product with a meticulous decoration in its garden, whose star dish is artichoke, and which praises the value of the traditional cuisine of Vega Baja, celebrated its second gastronomy day in France yesterday. area. An event that is already important in the culinary agenda of Alicante and usually brings together important representatives of the society as well as officials from different organizations in the province. Therefore, Agustina Rodríguez, councilor for Social Welfare, Equality and Human Resources, agreed and noted: “The incredible diversity that the region has in terms of popular and typical gastronomy, coupled with the evolution of its dishes into much more.” kitchens.” modern and innovative.

On this occasion, the place chosen to enjoy the flavors of Vega Baja was Finca Pico del Águila in Orihuela. Thanks to the enviable views and the different areas into which this hotel complex is divided, it was possible to enjoy an exquisite menu consisting of “dishes made with local products”, as explained by the chef and manager José Antonio López Cabrera “Pipi ». His aim is to “reference bread, sausages from our butchers and artichokes The aim was to show “the roots of our Oriola land” through “the garden from which it was taken”. And we can say that they undoubtedly achieved their goal.

Attending this Tuesday’s event were Francisco Muñoz, representative of Hidraqua’s Vega Baja region; Agustina Rodríguez Navarro, Orihuela City Council Councilor for Social Welfare, Equity and Human Resources; Paco Bernabé, BİLGİ’s “Menjars de la Terra” coordinator; Mónica Pastor, Councilor for Contract, Internal Regime, Citizen Security and Mobile Parking; Bea Castro and Estefanía Llinares from the INFORMACIÓN commercial team; and Carmen Cárceles from Hidraqua. INF

exquisite menu

One of the preparations that make up the menu of Finca Pico del Águila. INF

One of the preparations that make up the menu of Finca Pico del Águila. INF

The welcome cocktail, served to the table with the prevailing wind, consisted of a dozen varieties of local bread and butter brought from Benejúzar, along with the wide variety of sausages Pipi mentioned. Also served were “Camarrojas focaccia with sardines”, “Chinese bread with fried vegetables with grilled pastor” and “Mini balls from Vega Baja”. A show that will appeal to the tastes of more than eighty people who do not want to miss this culinary event.

In case they forgot where they ate, they were served “flower salad with guacamole, mini artichokes, pine nuts and lemon vinaigrette” and “Sepionet gratin with artichokes with pesto.” Artichoke, one of the most distinguished and extraordinary ingredients of the regional cuisine, was included in the dishes prepared and served with attention to the small details that make a difference.

As the main course, we tasted “Cod stew with local vegetables”, which the chef himself admitted that he learned from his mother, who was born in Elche, where the same dish is very typical. And finally, the lemon sorbet “made” at Finca Pico del Águila.

At the end, a meaningful fruit plate was served, which delighted the more than 80 customers who attended the event. INF

The dessert offered to sweeten the palate and close this unique menu was “Almond, egg yolk, meringue and cinnamon sponge cake”. Moreover, Alicante Wines DOP, through its Altos de Orihuela wines, once again took part in this extraordinary event, ensuring, if possible, even greater prestige and quality.

Recognized by Citizen Safety and Mobile Park Council Member Mónica Pastor, this diverse and complete menu showcases “the richness of each product we find in the towns that make up Vega Baja, managing to enhance its offering.” It represents us among the extraordinary flavors of orchard perfection.

Bet on gastronomy

The collaboration between INFORMACIÓN and the Provincial Council of Alicante was fundamental in the realization of the “Menjars de la Terra”, which also has the support of the different Appellations of Origin of the province. Thanks to this initiative, the region is toured while advocating the main goal of highlighting the gastronomy of the region.

One of the preparations that make up the menu of Finca Pico del Águila. INF

One of the preparations that make up the menu of Finca Pico del Águila. INF

The culinary days in Vega Baja don’t end there, but continue to be celebrated throughout the rest of the week. They continue tomorrow at La Caña restaurant in Daya Vieja. On Thursday, February 29, it is the turn of Silvino restaurant in Almoradí, which stands out with its authentic and traditional cuisine. On the last day, Friday, there will be a tasting of the offer of Las Columnas in Torrevieja, where you can experience a new gastronomy.

It should be noted that these gastronomy days are open to the public to anyone who wants to benefit from the menus specially prepared for this day. To have a day full of unique flavors, all you have to do is contact each restaurant and make the relevant reservation. Entertainment.

The Finca Pico del Águila team posed after a great job. INF


gray hair

(Old Daya)


Sobrasada and buttered bread.

Homemade sausage.

Grilled squid.

Grilled artichokes with Iberian ham.

Green salad with artichoke and celery.


Top up the consommé.



Almojábana and Almond Cake.


Murviedro Galeam Moscato Seco white wine.

Sericis Cepas Viejas Monastrell red wine from Bodegas Murviedro.

Waters, beers and soft drinks.

PRICE PER PERSON: 42 € (VAT included)

Reservation: 966 712 749 – 686 752 039

Source: Informacion


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