A nutritionist explained how to choose the right yoghurt to drink 19:41

British nutritionist Claire Thornton-Wood and Aidan Goggins, quality assurance expert in the dietary supplement industry said Daily Mail says the healthiest drinking yoghurts are low in added sugar and high in beneficial bacteria.

The nutritionist recommended that when buying yoghurt, pay attention to how much sugar it contains. The truth is that eating sweet yogurt can increase blood sugar levels and exacerbate hunger. It is noted that some of the added sugar may come from lactose, a natural sugar found in milk. Lactose is digested slowly, thus helping to keep blood sugar levels stable.

Aidan Goggins added that the best option would be yoghurt, which is rich in certain beneficial bacteria. Information about their quantity is usually indicated on the packaging. Some drinking yogurts have been reported to contain more than 100 billion bacteria per serving. Such products have a beneficial effect on the intestinal microflora and increase immunity.

Previous scientists said About the dangers of plant-based meat.

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