Abanca restructures its commercial leadership to squeeze specialization

Bank currently has a business volume that exceeds its volume. €107 billionIt is fueled by the loyalty and good performance of its majority stake in the Galician financial system and the seven corporate operations that Banesco has run since its 2014 acquisition of Banco Etcheverría and winning the auction of its former savings bank business. Without excluding the possibility of further acquisitions – in fact, the entity is again in the race to take over Portugal EuroBic and is the clear favorite to hold it, with a bid in excess of 200m euros, according to the country’s media – insisting on the idea of ​​a strategic plan for the four-year period 2021-2024, in its current state. doing Continue to increase recurring revenue, higher cost efficiency, manage risks associated with the current environment and transform the organization “exponentially”. The decision to capitalize on the departure of Luis Beraza, the current head of Spanish Business, is framed in this last axis to reshape its business leadership from start to finish.

According to the bank, headed by Juan Carlos Escotet, after Beraza’s departure, it will become the heart of the activity “by mutual agreement after a fruitful phase of growth and development for both parties”. two legs with different rudders. There will be a General Directorate of Commerce, which has been taken over by Gabriel González Eiroa, who until now was in charge of the commercial network; and Managing Director of Client Development and Business with Manuel Nogueira in charge of Private Banking.

Customer, digitization and omnichannel

“The purpose of the change is to continue to promote a customer-focused model and respond to their needs, omnichannel, digitalization and decision-making agility, without neglecting proximity to our customers and the environment,” says Abanca. new build “specialisation” “agile coordination” between both functions and “business/customer development teams and relationship banking”.

González Eiroa will be connected to offices and Private Banking, Retail Banking and Businesses, among others, new networks such as agency banking or Abanca Conecta. Gerardo Fuertes Ayerdi will lead new networks for all regional directorates, including Bankoa Abanca and Javier Soto. The new executive director of the companies is Víctor Casal. Nogueira’s skills will be Business Development, PC and Intelligence, and Multi-Channel Strategy, with Xavier Pérez Valcarce entering as director. Three of the promotions are for women: Bárbara Sanromán, the new director of Private Banking; Saray Cendón from Business Development; and Susana Ortiz, MK.

“One of the highlights of the new structure is promotion of inner talent As proof of the value of the customer’s merit and knowledge for Abanca -it guarantees its existence-. Eight out of ten new managers are Galician and have extraordinary and long careers at the bank”.

The maximum fee to be paid to the Board will be 10.42 million

Abanca called a meeting of the shareholders’ general assembly next Monday. José Manuel González-Páramo, who has held a senior position at the Bank of Spain and BBVA during his long career in the financial sector, is expected to confirm his appointment as director. The appointment of Rosa María Sánchez-Yebra to lead the organization will also be approved, and shareholders will vote to elect Leticia Iglesias Herraiz for another four years. On the agenda is the proposal for the implementation of the 2021 results (233.4 million euros in voluntary reserves and 71.6 million euros in dividends paid on 2 November and 4 February) and approval of the maximum amount of annual joint remuneration for board members. directors for all items From 10 million euros to 10.42 million.

Source: Informacion


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