It has been revealed how exercise can damage your hearing. Healthnews: Loud music in gyms can negatively affect your hearing 13:07

Exposure to loud music in gyms (especially group exercise facilities) can negatively impact your hearing ability. About this audiologist Natalie Calderon from HearUSA, the American insurance and medical hearing correction center saidand Health news.

It is known that exercising accompanied by rhythmic music not only benefits physical health but also improves mood. Calderon explained that the average music volume in group fitness classes often exceeds 90 decibels (similar to the sound of an oncoming subway train) and even 100 decibels (sound level similar to the noise of a high-powered lawnmower).

According to the recommendations of experts from the US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, exposure to noise at a volume of 94 decibels should not last more than one hour per day, and exposure to noise sources at a volume of 100 decibels should be limited. Up to 15 minutes.

The audiologist said that if a person is exposed to extremely loud sounds for short periods or continuously, the hair cells (receptors in the auditory system) can be damaged. Listening to loud music during classes for long periods of time can cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears) as well as hearing loss.

It is also important to monitor the volume of music in your own headphones. Calderon recommends using only 60% of the device’s maximum volume for 60 minutes.

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