Electricity will drop 17% to 227 Euro/MWh this Friday

this electric this Friday it will fall 17% to 227 euro megawatt hours (MWh), according to results of an auction held at the wholesale market or ‘pool’ and adjustment to be paid by gas cap beneficiaries to compensate the plants that use this raw material.

Considering these levels, 55 euros cheaper If there were no cap on the price of gas for electricity generation, more than the €282.35 MWh would have been paid in the Iberian Peninsula.

This is the second consecutive decline electricity price Another tough day is coming for the energy marketsAfter Germany declared warning in gas emergency planDue to reduced supply from Russia and high prices.

situation in that country that has recently decided to consider Use of coal to reduce the amount of gas used in the economyTeresa Ribera, Third Vice-President of the Spanish Government and Minister of Ecological Transition, referred to it this morning.

The minister also advocated limiting gas. It “proves to work” even in “an extraordinarily difficult context”like last week’s heat wave and the consequent recovery in electricity demand.

Tension continues to be felt in international marketsspecially Italywhere the ‘pool’ price for tomorrow will once again break the barrier €300/MWhUp to 318.34 Euro/MWh, the minimums will not fall below 290 Euros.

Inside Francemeanwhile, MWh will be paid €302.6inside Germanya 274.3 € and United Kingdoma 186.33 pounds (about 216.5 euros to change). Meanwhile PortugalIn cases where the gas cap is also applied due to the so-called Iberian exception, the price will be the same as in Spain when sharing the market.

Auction and setup

Considering the auction results in the wholesale market, which has so far only determined the price to be paid next day, electricity will be around 8.2% cheaper and will cost 137.59 Euro/MWh.compared to 149.86 euros marked for today.

According to time zones, The maximum time will be recorded between 11:00 and 12:00.when will it be paid €191.52/MWhWhile it will be minimal €111.7/MWh, between 17:00 – 18:00.

However, these amounts have to be added to the cost of adjusting the gas power plants, which vary depending on the volume required and price of the system and is passed on to the households and beneficiary companies.

for tomorrow andThe average adjustment for these consumers will be reduced significantly compared to the previous days to 89.31 Euro/MWh.

If you already apply these data, which the Iberian Electricity Market Operator (OMIE) has published within an hour of setting the ‘pool’ price, the MWh will drop by around 17% compared to 273.43 euros including cost adjustment. this thursday.

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