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Food allergies often begin in childhood and usually continue throughout life. Svetlana Yakushkina, therapist of the highest category of SM-Clinic, told about the most allergenic products.

“In people with food allergies, antibodies are produced when they encounter an allergen, which causes various symptoms (vomiting, hives, dizziness, cough, swelling in the throat, difficulty breathing, asthma attack, etc.). The most dangerous allergic reaction is anaphylactic shock (drop in blood pressure and loss of consciousness). Lack of emergency medical care can lead to death,” warned Yakushkina.

According to him, every product can be allergenic, but not everyone is allergic. This depends on the degree of allergenicity of the product, the state of the immune system and hereditary predisposition. Additionally, heat treatment reduces the allergenicity of some products.

As the doctor noted, all allergenic products can be divided into three groups: strong, medium and weak degrees of allergenicity.

“The strongest allergens are: cow’s milk and dairy products, which contain about 20 proteins; fish and seafood (but river fish are less allergenic than sea fish. It should also be noted that heat treatment of seafood does not affect their allergenicity); eggs (mostly white, in rare cases yolk). Quail eggs are less allergenic. “It is recommended to boil eggs for about half an hour to reduce allergenicity,” he said.

He also noted that some vaccines are made based on chicken protein, and that the doctor should be warned about protein allergy while making the vaccine.

“Strong allergens also include: nuts (the leader among them is peanuts, which contain about 30 allergenic proteins, as well as walnuts, cashews and hazelnuts); mushrooms; Honey; chicken meat; citrus fruits (especially oranges, lemons, tangerines, pineapples); grapes, pomegranates; tropical fruits; red berries, strawberries, wild strawberries, raspberries; yellow and red vegetables (carrots, tomatoes, beets); chocolate; coffee, cocoa; grain products, especially wheat and rye (gluten is an allergen),” added Yakushkina.

The doctor stated that if you are allergic to grains, you should exclude foods and dishes containing gluten (pasta, pancakes, baked goods, cereals).

According to him, to determine allergy to a particular product, you can contact an allergist-immunologist and get tested.

“To prevent the development of food allergy, of course, it should start with the expectant mother, who must follow a hypoallergenic diet until the end of breastfeeding and engage in long-term breastfeeding,” the doctor said.

He noted that in case of breast milk deficiency, additional feeding with protein hydrolyzate-based mixtures is recommended for preventive or therapeutic purposes in order to prevent contact with cow’s milk.

“When introducing complementary foods to children, you should always think about a possible allergic reaction and avoid highly allergenic foods in the first years of the child’s life, introducing them gradually, observing a sense of proportion, then the percentage of allergy sufferers will increase. lower,” the expert emphasized.

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Source: Gazeta


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