Baz Luhrmann’s new ‘Elvis’, the most ‘Hollywood’ hit on Billboard

directly Cannes Film Festivaldirector of the legendary musical ‘Moulin Rouge’ (2001) Baz Luhrman landed on the Spanish billboard this weekend The long-awaited biography of King of Rock ‘Elvis’The most “Hollywood” bet of Californian theaters austin butler.

A long-awaited premiere added in early summer to other dreadfully summery suggestions ‘Black Phone’family ‘In the Sublime’A delightful nature documentary with Carmen Machi as Marina as Sister, the nun who gives Real Madrid football player Valdo “wings” at an orphanage school as a child ‘snow leopard’.

‘Elvis’: 20 years of rise and stardom of the greatest King of Rock

Nearly ten years after leadership Leonardo Dicaprio inside ‘The Great Gatsby’ (2013) and more than twenty symbolic and memorable ‘Moulin Rouge’ (2001) Baz Luhrman come back with expectation Rock of King Elvis Presley biography, in biopic ‘Elvis’, again with music as protagonist.

in the thirties austin butler He was chosen to put himself in the place of ‘Elvis’. The story that focuses on the artist through the prism of her complex relationship with Colonel Tom Parkerthe enigmatic manager he brought to life Tom Hanks: Over 20 years of complicity involving the rise to unprecedented stardom in the context of the cultural revolution and loss of innocence in the United States.

The movie will be released on Friday, August 24. Available on HBO Max in August.

Ethan Hawke is so scary on ‘Black Phone’ and you can’t see his face

Scott Derrickson manages a script C. Robert Cargill Y Scott Derrickson about an original story Joe Hill, writer of horror, dark fantasy, and science fictionalso known to be one of the two sons of the famous writer Stephen King and for creating some of the most disturbing works in the horror and science fiction genre.

Starring by a creepy Ethan Hawke (who previously worked with Derrickson on ‘Sinister’, 2012) you can’t see your face at all, ‘Black Phone’ tells his story masked In the ’70s, in Colorado, He kidnaps Finney Shaw, a shy and intelligent 13-year-old boy, and locks him in a soundproof basement..

When a broken offline phone begins to ring, Finney discovers that through it he can hear the voices of previous victims determined to prevent the teenager from ending up like them.

A true love story for God and football, ‘full of grace’

Roberto Bueso (‘La banda’, 2019) writes and directs this bright and upbeat comedy what counts The true story of Real Madrid football player ValdoAs a child at the orphanage school in Alicante, Sister Marina, a very special nun, decides to save them from their exclusion by giving them their favorite thing: a ball and football technique.

With carmen machi in the lead role Paula Usero, Paul Chiapella, Manolo Solo, Nuria Gonzalez Y Dairon TallonThe film goes back to the ’90s, when Sister Marina is assigned to the El Parral school, which seems imminent to close, unless someone comes up with an idea to convince them it’s worth keeping the Diocese open.

Isabelle Huppert wants to be a minister in ‘Paris’s Promises’

After a long career as mayor of a city near Paris, Clemence (Isabelle Huppert) faces the challenge of jumping into national politics as minister and defending the rights of the most disadvantaged ensure the continuity of the plan to save the city from poverty and unemployment with the help of his faithful right hand Yazid (Reda Kateb).

Governing Thomas Kruithoffwho also wrote the script of ‘The Promises of Paris’ explores the credibility, honesty, and dilemmas that come with power.

‘A love in Scotland’ or maybe we weren’t real boyfriends

Belgian writer and director Bouli Lannersalso playing the main role, ‘A love in Scotland’ a the love story that blurs the boundaries between truth and lies In this complex romance that causes fifty-year-old Phil, who lives in a Presbyterian community in the north of Scotland, to suddenly have a stroke and lose his memory.

When he leaves the hospital, Millie, a woman from the caring community, convinces him that the two have a secret romantic relationship, and they begin to form new bonds over a lie.

Family and a little more in the comedy ‘An unexpected mess’

french comedy governing melissa drigeard (‘Jamais le Premier Soir’, 2014) The family revolves around the couple and lies in a gentle and delicate tone.

lead role elsa zylberstein, Stephane De Groodt Y man martand, the film follows the family of Audrey and Jérôme and their three children; everything is great and they have a perfect professional life. One weekend, they both decide to travel with their sweethearts, but they have the same idea: to go to her country house.

‘Snow leopard’, nature and lots of love in the eyes

nature photographer Vincent Munier jump into the documentary records the persecution of the legendary snow leopard with its camerasA wild animal living at an altitude of six thousand meters in Tibet and It serves as a reference to reflect on the lost connection between man and nature and the urgent need to regain sight.

In the film, Munier guides writer Sylvain Tesson in his search for the snow leopard and introduces him to the art of precision observation, the interpretation of tracks and the patience required to locate animals. And as they hike the peaks, they both learn to listen to each other and engage in the only possible dialogue with nature: respect and reverence.

Identity, adolescence and commitment in ‘Camila is going out tonight’

Argentina Ines Maria Barrionuevo directs ‘Camila is going out tonight’, a friendly bandendangered and on points, disturbing, open The evolution of adolescent Camilia when her mother decides to move the family to attend the last days of her grandmother’s life.

Leaving behind her friends and a liberal public high school for a traditional private institution, Camila gets a little lost in the maze of growing up and unleashes a somewhat harsh but sincere anger that Camila has to prove, which shows that Camila owns it and is not instilled by it. environment.

‘Tehran law’: possession of drugs is punishable by death

Possession of drugs is punishable by death in Iran., whether you carry 30 grams or 50 kilos; in this conditions, drug traffickers aren’t afraid to go big, and crack sales have skyrocketed. There are more than 6.5 million drug addicts and a police, detective. samad(Payman Maadi) wants to catch the biggest drug lord, callus (Navid Muhammedzade).

The second feature film by young Iranian director Saeed Roustayi, who also wrote the screenplay, ‘Tehran law’ this is a police action thriller where there is social reporting.

And straight to the movie, ‘True Things’, another Ruth Wilson recital

British actress ruth wilson direct premieres this friday In the Spanish movie ‘True Things’A feature film also produced by Deborah Kay Davies, based on the story ‘Facts about me’A calm drama in which she plays a woman who is constantly pressured by society to “do the right thing”.

Like serial protagonist ‘Event’, ‘Luther’ anyone ‘Woman. Wilson’Wilson’s most personal project, which tells the incredible story of his family – whose grandparents were agents of the British M16 – brings to life a young woman in her thirties, without a spouse and without an award, in this film directed by British Harry Wootliff. work desperately struggling to fit in.

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