School of gun attack in Uvalde to be demolished

this Elementary school facilities Robb Elementary School city ​​of Uvaldein case of TexasThere was a shooting that killed 21 people on May 24, they will be destroyedannounced the mayor Don McLaughlinlocal media report.

You can never ask a child to go back or ask a teacher to go back to that school. Never,” the mayor said, before confirming that the facilities would be dismantled.

The mayor is visibly frustrated by the ever-changing information posted about what happened day 19 children and two teachers were shot dead at school.

McLaughlin harshly criticized the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and its leader, Colonel Steven McCraw.

this Texas rangersa DPS agency, leading the shooting investigation and McLaughlin said he and other city officials were upset. they were never informed of how the investigation was goingCNN chain says.

Criticism of the police response during the primary school massacre has continued to rise since the incident, and government United States of America announced that it will launch an investigation into the matter.

Local authorities agreed The attacker, Salvador Ramos, entered the building without encountering opposition..

After Ramos shot her grandmother in the face at her home, she got into a car and drove near the elementary school where her car was hit.

From there, he walked for twelve minutes with rifles and ammunition until he entered the school and carried out the massacre.

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