Brazilian ‘Escobar’ who faked death to avoid conviction in Galicia crashes in Hungary

Whether the period is tracked or definitive remains to be seen until its bizarre escape. Sergio Roberto de Carvalhoa major Brazilian drug lord who faked his death from COVID to escape a conviction a stash he’s trying to sneak in Galicia. ‘Major’ Carvalho or Brazilian ‘Escobar’ in his country’s press was arrested in Budapest this Tuesday.

According to Brazilian media outlet RecordTV, smugglers in Spain used alter ego Paul Wouter, He used a fake Mexican ID in the Hungarian capital. Carvalho, who is on Interpol’s most wanted list, died this morning in an operation in Spain with the support of the Portuguese Judicial Police, from which he fled after his fake death and avoided prosecution. 1,700 kilos of cocaine cache on board Titanic III.

In his escape from the Portuguese country, in November 2020, agents found a 12m euro van.

Wouter’s fake death

Police from half the planet still on standby in Spain as they search for Brazilian Sergio Roberto de Carvalho knowing how his alter ego Paul Wouter completed the funeral process, It is his identity that he will be prosecuted in Galicia for his seizure of cocaine in the Atlantic. Died of COVID in Marbella, starting point is death certificate signed by a doctor The Galician city prosecutor’s office of this city, which the Pontevedra Court considers good to open its case, admits his suspicions and the Marbella City Council knows nothing.

Officially, Paul Wouter died of COVID-19 at 10:50 am on August 29, 2020, in an apartment on Calle San Juan Bosco in Marbella. His death at the age of 54 prevented the continuation of the judicial process in Galicia.1,700 kilos of cocaine caught by National Police in tugboats across the Atlantic in 2018 Titan III. Wouter was arrested in Marbella for this reason in 2018 when he spent a season at Villa Blanca, an exclusive home in Capanes del Golf Urbanization in BenahavĂ­s, and the Drug Enforcement Prosecutor requested 13 years in prison for him. The defense submitted Wouter’s death certificate and documents from his funeral in Marbella were presented to the Pontevedra Court.

Lawsuits were filed for not sitting on the rostrum for the dead, but it didn’t take long for the warnings to jump in. Brazilian authorities informed Spaniards that Wouter’s fingerprints and face completely matched those of Sergio Roberto de Carvalho, the most wanted cocaine drug trafficker in his country and already named Brazilian Pablo Escobar for this ability. It brings 45 tons of white powder per year to Europe. Information was good.

The National Police confirmed that Carvalho, a Dutch Surinamese, had been roaming freely on the old continent for years with a legal passport in the name of the man who was burned in Marbella. Investigators had their eyes on the drug dealer once again and were on the verge of catching him in a major operation involving around 50 detainees in several countries, including Spain.

But resurrected narcotic managed to disappear for three days Before the operation under another identity after boarding the plane in Lisbon. ‘Major’ Carvalho, who has also been known in his country since he was expelled from the Military Police in 2008 for his involvement in drug trafficking, paused several times in Europe and He left a final mark on Russia. Prior to his arrest in Hungary this morning, the sources for the fight against organized crime this dalo newspaper turned to were based in Dubai.

Maybe some questions can be resolved in Spain after his arrest. How did he manage to fake the death of his alter ego in Marbella? Who helped you? Did they find a body to cross? The starting point is the death certificate it is in. The names of the deceased and two other men are listed: that of a friend who witnessed the death and that of the doctor who confirmed the death. The latter coincides with that of a doctor in Marbella who specializes in aesthetics and anti-aging and is registered with the Medical Association of Malaga, who does not want to go to the doctor. view of malagadiary is from the same group as this diary.

In addition to this certificate, other inevitable procedures are followed after each death. Accounting for death in the Civil Register, obtaining a license for burial or cremation, transfer to a cemetery or crematorium, and associated burial or cremation. In that order and through the funeral home. The sources consulted in this sector agree on two issues. They want anonymity and that this is the best way for them to achieve Wouter’s goal. takes the corpse. Thus, after the death certificate is received, the corpse is placed in the coffin and is usually never opened again. And much less so on the dates we mentioned, with the epidemic widespread and with a strict burial protocol that requires those who die from COVID to be placed in sealed bags and coffins that are never opened again under any circumstances. The coronavirus played in his favor. If incineration is the option chosen, the evidence turns to dust.

No steps were taken at the Pontevedra Court, where Wouter will be tried before he died. Forensic sources announced a few months ago that this death was legal with available documents and no one objected to it.

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