You just need a visa. Finland opens its border to Russian tourists

The Finnish Ministry of Interior has said that from June 30, Finland will lift COVID-19 restrictions for tourists from other countries, including Russia.

“Third-country travelers arriving in Finland are no longer required to hold vaccines or COVID-19 test certificates or be tested for coronavirus at border crossings,” it says. Web site departments.

You can go to Finland as before the pandemic. At the same time, he said, “Tourists from outside the EU and the Schengen area will need to carry travel documents, namely passports and, if necessary, visas.”

Finnish Interior Ministry expects restrictions to be lifted “It will cause an increase in the number of tourists coming from other countries, especially from Russia”. They said that Finnish consulates now issue visas to the country normally.

The ministry said the Finnish Border Guard will “continue to monitor developments in border security together with national and international partners”.

Finland’s borders have been closed to tourists from Russia due to the coronavirus pandemic. The restrictions were regularly extended for more than two years.

Now the only way to reach Finland is by car or bus. At the end of February 2021, flights between countries resumed, but a year later Russia banned flights to this country and 36 states. This was the Russian authorities’ response to the European Union’s decision to close the skies to Russian aircraft.

Rail passenger traffic is also currently suspended.

Who opened the borders to tourism?

11 June Germany It lifted coronavirus restrictions on entry into the country and continued to accept visa applications for Russians for any travel purpose.

To enter Germany, tourists do not need to provide a certificate of vaccination, a certificate of illness or a negative PCR test, and you can apply for a visa through the VisaMetric visa service center and make an appointment for an interview.

There are currently no direct flights from Russia to Germany. You can board the planes of foreign airlines by transfer. The cost of a flight departing in July starts from 60 thousand rubles per person one way.

European countries are removing the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus one by one. France, Italy, Belgium canceled all requirements for incoming tourists, Spain can be visited with a negative PCR result.

Cyprus It has canceled all coronavirus restrictions from 1 June. Passengers will not need to have a negative vaccination certificate or PCR test.

Visa Center Spain revoked restrictions on filing documents in effect during the pandemic. Russians no longer need to have annual Schengen or other grounds to apply for a visa.

According to Izvestia, it is almost impossible to register for the delivery of documents at visa centers in France and Italy. When you try to register in the system, the message “There are no vacant seats” appears. The problem was confirmed by the tour operators. Alexan Mkrtchyan, Vice President of the Alliance of Russian Travel Agencies, said that the queue for visa applications to France continues until the end of August.

At the same time, Russians can apply for a single-entry visa. Greece, Hungary, Slovenia.

Meanwhile, some countries insist on suspending the issuance of visas to Russians as part of the sanctions. Therefore, on April 4, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said that Russians should stop issuing Schengen visas except humanitarian visas. He suggested that visas be issued only to those wishing to leave Russia.

When no visa is required

Authorities Georgia Since 15 June, all entry restrictions for foreign tourists have been lifted.

“Any person from abroad (regardless of citizenship) is exempt from the obligation to provide a document confirming a full course of vaccination against COVID-19 or a negative PCR test,” the Georgian government said.

Therefore, to enter the country, Russians only need a passport. However, it is possible to reach Georgia by plane only by transfer via third countries. Russia has not yet lifted the flight ban to this country. The land border between Russia and Georgia is also open.

for a trip Turkey From 1 June, there is no need to present a COVID-19-free certificate.

“There is no requirement for a negative PCR test report up to 72 hours before entry, or for a negative rapid antigen test performed within a maximum of 48 hours from entry,” the agency said.

Thailand It has also canceled the mandatory quarantine requirement for coronavirus for tourists from all countries from 1 June. Previously, foreign tourists were subject to quarantine restrictions for up to two weeks. Quarantine was not required for Russians vaccinated with Sputnik V, but hotel reservation and insurance had to be paid in advance, as well as two COVID-19 tests.

According to the statement by the Finnish Ministry of Internal Affairs, Finland will not extend the coronavirus restrictions on entry to the country from June 30, so the tourism border with Russia will be open. The ministry announced that Finnish consulates issue visas to the country in the normal way. Many European countries, as well as Turkey, Thailand and Georgia previously lifted the restrictions on tourists brought in due to the pandemic. Which countries have opened their borders and canceled mandatory PCR tests – in the material.

Source: Gazeta


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