TRAM condemned the attack on a young woman with a syringe in El Campello, Alicante

Civil Guard El Campello Investigating a complaint filed against a 19-year-old girl alleging she was attacked with a syringe while traveling. TRAM From Alicante to the municipality of Campellero. Sources close to the investigation say no more complaints have been recorded in El Campello of such attacks, which have caused psychosis in other countries, such as France, due to an increase in syringe or needle punctures at nightclubs and concerts in recent months. where there is a large crowd of people.

However, recently complaints have been filed for similar incidents with the National Police. denial, however, medical tests determined that a young man had injected any substance, such as liquid ecstasy, into several girls while they were in a toilet. discotheque In any case, the Dénia Police Station continues to investigate the case, which has caused alarm among many young people in the city.

The father of the young woman who was affected by the reported attack in El Campello told this newspaper that the incidents took place on 11 June at about eleven o’clock at night. Daughter got on the tram market station He went to Alicante and went to his home in El Campello. He doesn’t know exactly at what point he was pierced, but this happened when a friend traveling with him got off at Colonia Romana station early in the morning. albufereta.

“TRAM was full of people and suddenly she started to feel bad,” says the young woman’s father. He was dizzy and felt like he was going to vomit. so she had to sleep on the floor of the car and called her parents to pick her up at the stop.

The young woman did not notice the attack at first, but a day and a half later she went to a clinic in Alicante and found that she had a bruise on her leg. “We thought it might be mosquitoes, but at the hospital they told us clearly that there was a puncture with the syringe,” says the parent.

Because time had passed since the incident, analysis could not confirm whether they had injected any substance or if it was just a puncture. But for these cases, a preventive protocol was put in place and the clinic gave him medicine against HIV and hepatitis.

Both in France and before United KingdomThis wave of attacks is cause for concern because apart from two confirmed cases of liquid ecstasy, it is unknown what type of substance was supplied to the victims.

Source: Informacion


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