Musk says ‘unresolved issues’ with Twitter acquisition

Elon Musk warns there are still some shortcomings related “unresolved issues” excitement, including a statement by the company regarding the number of fake accounts and ‘bots’ those interacting on the social network, in addition to matters such as debt and shareholder approval of the transaction.

“There is the question of whether the debt portion of the round will come together and then shareholders will vote in favor”In an interview with Bloomberg within the framework of the Qatar Economic Forum, Musk explained that he guarantees that his intention is to “promote the product” on Twitter if the acquisition happens, but that doesn’t necessarily mean becoming CEO. .

in mid-May, businessman decided to temporarily suspend the acquisition of Twitter, A deal was reached for $44,000 million (€42,156 million) at the end of last April, with details awaiting the company’s calculation that fake/spam accounts represent less than 5% of users.

Then, in a letter sent by Musk’s lawyers to the US Securities Market Commission (SEC) in early June, the billionaire’s legal team evaluated Twitter’s position. “material breach” of its obligations under the merger agreementThat’s why they warned that Elon Musk “reserves all emerging rights, including the right not to complete the transaction and the right to terminate the merger agreement.”

Possible recession in the USA

On the other hand, the world’s richest man stated that he thinks it is “more likely than not” in the short term. US going into recession After the US Federal Reserve was forced to aggressively raise interest rates to contain high inflation.

“A recession at some point is inevitable; a recession in the short term is much more likely than not,” Musk said. “It’s not certain, but it seems more likely.”

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