The Russian ambassador to Germany said cases of Russian hostility in the country are declining.

According to the TV channel, Russian Ambassador to Germany Sergei Nechaev said that the anti-Russian hatred and other cases of discrimination against Russians in the country were in vain. “Russia 24”.

“Such manifestations have decreased. We now rectify such objections much less frequently. I attribute this not only to the effectiveness of our efforts, but also to the fact that German politicians understood the danger of all this, because discrimination on the basis of language and nationality evokes various unpleasant historical memories. Therefore, sensible politicians in Germany began to make appropriate statements that such things are unacceptable, and now such cases are disappearing, although we continue to keep them under control, ”explained Nechaev.

At the same time, Nechaev said that ordinary Germans are aware that the rise in prices and inflation in Germany is not related to the actions of the Russian government, but due to the sanctions policy of the European Union.

Former German Chancellor Olaf Scholz declarationHe said Putin feared to spread a “spark of democracy” to Russia.

Source: Gazeta


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