existence pouch caterpillars pine As it is every year, it was highlighted in parks and green areas this year. climate changeis a real headache for pet owners. This is because, pine purse contains serious danger to dogs so that you can contact them cause the death of the animal if you don’t act on time.


  • Regiment advances its arrival due to climate change

To be alerted and to know what to do if we find pouch caterpillars in the sea. walks with our pets we tell you today All you need to know about processions and dogs.

Pine purse caterpillar: symptoms and allergic reaction Tony Seville

What is a pine procession?

this pine purse (Thaumetopoea pityocampa) is a lepidoptera deciduous species very common in the pine forests of Southern Europe, Asia Minor and North Africa. this pouch caterpillar It is considered the most important deciduous insect in the pine forests of Spain.

this pouch caterpillars is covered with hairs sinking breaking off and floating in the air so thatr ear, nose and throat irritation in humansas well as intense allergic reactions. The substance that gives him this ability sinking a toxin It is called thaumatopine.

Pine purse caterpillar: what to do if my dog ​​is stung Alex Dominguez

What does the procession do to dogs?

As we said, pouch caterpillars develop painful hairswhich can be very dangerous for our pets, especially these dogscontact with them severe allergic reaction. this procession theme with dog’s skin Stinging dermatitis with toxic-irritant properties at the contact site.

this inflammation over time, because painful plumage of the pouch caterpillar they have the ability to become trapped in the affected area. The area that comes into contact with the hairs of the pine sac most frequently is the nose and it can cause it. tongue inflammation(glossitis), lips and mouth (stomatitis).

Lesions may initially be identified by their appearance as erosions and progress to form ulcers and necrosis. In addition, these dangerous ingrowing hairs on the body pine procession, They can be carried by air and come into contact with the eye and nose area.swollen eyelids (blepharitis) or corneal ulcer and respiratory infections (acute rhinitis).

Symptoms of a purse caterpillar bite in dogs

Symptoms of pine sacs in dogs differ depending on which part of the body the toxin comes into contact with and for how long:

  • increased saliva

  • Itching and hives
  • Inflammation of the contact zone

  • Red, bruised, or black tongue

  • significant pain

  • restless or nervous behavior

  • vomiting

PROCESSIONARY CATCH | These are the nests of pine sacs that we can find in forests and green areas.

How to identify a pouch caterpillar?

this pine purse It is usually seen in pine forest areas. spring months, from March to May. Although in recent years and due to climate changeThe regiment season has been extended, so we can find it in the Mediterranean region from January to July.

In these two months, when spring begins and the last pains of winter are experienced, the caterpillars descend from their nests and move freely on the ground, forming chrysalis and turning into butterflies in order to bury themselves and protect themselves. .

this pine pouch nests They are very easy to identify in trees. They look like white silk bags with a round shape, and we can find them on the sunniest branches of trees, when they are still growing and are sheltered from the cold.

Thaumetopoea pityocampa: This is the butterfly that the pine purse caterpillar turns into. Wikipedia

The distinctive name of the pouch caterpillar derives from the behavior of these animals. vermin When they come down from their burrows, they are completely stuck like a regiment in a perfect line, as they move one after the other. when is this moment pine procession parades through parks and mountains When it becomes necessary to be extremely careful while walking our dog and to walk with a thousand eyes.

How to avoid these situations

As it is often said, prevention is better than cure, so the first thing is to walk together. Be very careful when taking your dog for a walk. at that time pine purse continues at full speed. So here are some actions you should take:

  • Stay away from the pines. this pine purse caterpillarWith the arrival of good weather in late February or early March, they leave their nests and are easily recognizable as they usually go one after another, come on, in taunts. Additionally, some of these areas are often marked to warn of their presence.
  • Prevent your dog from sniffing in suspicious areas. Some slots fall to the groundTherefore, to avoid contact with them pouch caterpillarsdon’t let them sniff.
  • Always have your pet on a leash. Never release your dog if you suspect these insects are present in your area.

What should I do if my dog ​​has been stung by a regiment?

Keep Calm, if your dog comes into contact with the pine processionthe best thing you can do is follow Next steps:

  1. Return home immediately. The most urgent thing is to return home. we can deal more calmly when reviving after contact with the pine procession.
  2. Wash the infected area. most recommended clean that area with warm or hot wateraspect heat calms the toxin. it is best to wash spray so as not to harm the dog. Like this we will eliminate possible hair residues mocking caterpillar. Yes definitely, no rubbing the areabecause they can break the hairs and release more toxins.
  3. Prevent the dog from licking itself. if at home we will put the bell so that it does not lick itself and can spread possible hair residues on the hair. other parts of the body.
  4. Go to the vet. This is probably the most important thing of all. put your dog in the hands of an expert will know how to act according to the situation and if he has to give some kind of medicine You will know which one is the most suitable.