Jury finds perpetrator of Katia’s crime in Zaragoza guilty of sexist murder

In record time and without hesitation. nine members popular jury In less than four hours, Rubén Calvo made the toughest decision against Ropero. murder, At a house in Zaragoza on May 23 To Katia, her ex-partner, from the Las Fuentes neighborhoodHaving a restraining order in effect and violating both on two known incidents prior to the crime. They consider him the author of a murder crime. to understand that there is no defense option; which was sexist offense because she was jealous that she was having a relationship with other men and wanted to kill him because there was no mental decline she said she wanted to kill him out of her performance and jealousy.

Given the harshness of the decision, The lawyer for the Aragonese Government, who made the popular accusation, requested a 26-year prison sentence.He; The prosecution even withdrew the palliative mental illness that it had requested and demanded a 24-year prison sentence, and retracted the defense made by the prosecution. lawyer Carmen Sánchez Herrero had no choice but to seek a 20-year prison sentence.“despite announcing that she has filed an appeal because she understands that her questions were not addressed in the verdict and the jury agreed” psychological behavior problems He was not prosecuted because he had borderline personality disorder, narcissism, and was a polydrug addict”. “Admit that you have a 12-year-old son in Nicaragua without any documentation to confirm it”Thus, despite offering a maximum of 5,000 euros, he refused to pay more than 200,000 euros in compensation”.

As proven facts, the people’s court established at the Zaragoza Court confirmed that the murder took place at around 12:15 am, when Katia went to Rubén Calvo Ropero’s apartment, shouting and arguing despite the restraining order. After half an hour”With the intent to end Katia’s life, he surprisingly began stabbing Katia countless times.first in the lumbar region from the back, then from the front in the neck, chest, abdomen and upper and lower extremities, some of them fatal by necessity.” “He severed his left carotid artery, entered his heart and lung and wound. affected his liver in his stomach,” the jury explained in detail in its verdict.

They added that the attack took place in a small bedroom at the end of the house’s hallway, which contained multiple objects, “which further reduced their chances of effective defense against the accused.” being able to protect himself with only his arms or unsuccessfully trying to snatch the knife that the accused was carrying”. That’s why he had wounds on his hands and arms.

Then relying on the testimonies of his neighbors and the Police Department agents who came first, refusing to open the door of the house to them first, shouting “Son of a bitch, it was your fault”; Then he left the place where he had thrown himself on the street a few times and entered the balcony. “Yes, I’ll be involved, yes 30 years will come crashing down on me, they’ll cut my dick, they’ll call my dad.” In the opinion of the jury, behavior that demonstrates this There was “no impairment” in his cognitive or volitional abilities.

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