Nuria Roca is tired of always being the same headline in her interviews

Sixth released a new installment this Sunday ‘Rock’On this occasion, Máximo Huerta took part in the set. The author, who has just published the book ‘Goodbye, my little one’, chatted with the author. Nuria Roca took the opportunity to initiate a critique of his latest work, which was directed against false headlines. “I’m a big fan of headlines that say ‘Maximo said about Ana Rosa and she’s not going to like it’… Then I said go back to TV and be healthy,” she said with a laugh.

Nuria Roca brought this up after a complaint on the host’s Twitter account that she regretted for continuing to ask her about her time as Minister of Culture. “Erre que erre. Whatever. It doesn’t matter if you talk and talk, answer and answer, pay attention and endure politely”He responded to a medium that published an interview with the headline, “My biggest failure was not the Ministry of Culture.”

Here’s a sentence from his book that he didn’t say in the interview: “It’s in the novel. I say in the interviews that I don’t talk about it”.

Nuria Roca joined Huerta’s criticism, describing the clickbait news as “terrible”. A position that Juan de Val also advocated: “The media killed journalism, period. And we’re in a media organization, but I say that openly.” “All theoretically serious media make straight out of the wrong headlines. Not misunderstood, wrong”He pointed.

In this sense, the presenter recalled his bad experience during the promotion of the game “The Great Depression”: “I said I’m not going to do any more interviews. Why? If the headline is always the same”. Juan del Val burst into laughter, noting that he mentioned the “(open) couple”, a topic they talked about on ‘El hormiguero’. “Of course it doesn’t matter if you’re in the theatre. It doesn’t matter,” admitted Roca.

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